"Emol" grade B


Special oil "Emol" of grade B, standard ТУ У 23.2-33264625-001:2005 is designated to make the simplest EE of Igdanit type (ANFO). Compared with conventional components, such as diesel fuel or industrial oil, "Emol" of grade B does not make the granules of ammonia nitrate migrate. It happens due to special structure of oil "Emol" of grade B. Sticking of thin layer of oil "Emol" grade B to the surface provides its retaining on the ammonia nitrate granules at least 6%. At the same time, "Emol" grade B is conveyed by pumps as conventional mineral oils.


1) with diesel fuel after 3 hours of storing, 
2) with oil "Emol" grade B after 5 days of storing.

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